Athleta Performance / Technical Process
My Role: Create surface art and technical execution
Women’s Studio tight

Created by painting a watercolor with a nice edge, then digitally reworked into a diagonal stripe while working in texture
Placed into a nested pattern for powervita tight, making sure stripe wraps diagonally around and down leg, connecting front and back

Women’s Performance tight - Supernova Print


Inspired by ice dyed fabrics created by art team

Then, altered color and put into all over repeat so color and texture move around form naturally


Women’s Performance tight - Geode Print 
engineered sublimated print

Inspired by the natural occuring striations in the centers of agate and geode rocks


Challenged to create seamless appearance of lines contouring the body, placed into nested pattern


Women’s Graphics - multiple techniques 
Leading Athleta’s graphic development- vendor process and techniques

Shine Heat transer / Matte Silicone

Chromoshine & Foil
Foil over silicone print     

Puff ink & waterbase ink
Bean stitch embroidery
Silicone screen print- 8 screens
Gradient print
Waterbase ink
Small scale / heat transfers