Athleta Womens & Girls Performance Product: PROCESS

More on process and how we got there

 Create Concept    SPRING 2020: Performance Print / Women and Girl Product

  Create Art    Hero prints are started by hand painting in watercolor, acrylic & oil pastels on paper, then translated to digital and made to repeat when printed on fabric. 

 Line Plan   Work with partners in merchandising to adapt art concepts into styles from line plan:
        tight, bra, layering sweats, tees, short, and hoodie

  Build out supporting art   Create and add prints and colorways based off what print looks best in which styles

  Present to leadership the full assortment  

  Feasibility and techniques    Plan for which techniques to develop in each fabric base within cost range and feasibility

Sublimation print:
CMYK printing
engineered placement
Wet print:
indexed print, 5 colors
all over repeat
Sublimation print
CMYK printing
all over repeat
Graphic tee -woven label:
natural dye tee
embroidery on twill label

  3-D mock ups   Ensure placement is correct

• Create 3-D mock-ups to ensure placement is correct

 Pass millsheets to vendor   When strike offs come back, make callouts to any necessary edits

Final Product    Performance Print / Women and Girl Product